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Incredible attention to detail

Outrun car detailing, based just outside of Chichester, are your first choice for car detailing on the South Coast. Our detailing experts use the latest cutting edge products and equipment to completely restore your pride and joy to it’s original show room condition and beyond.

Now certified Kamikaze Collection dealers – This latest Japanese technology takes what’s possible with detailing to new, previously unimaginable levels of protection, gloss and shine.

Our full range of services starts at a basic valet or monthly maintenance clean, right up to mini-restoration

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‘Jeeze it looks pretty’ C George, London

Protection Detail

Protect your investment with a ceramic coating. Using only the top cutting edge products, our choice of ceramic or hydrocarbon coatings can protect your car from scratches, swirls and paint problems for up to two years, while providently an unprecedented level of gloss and shine. Outrun are now certified Kamikaze Collection dealers, meaning we can offer our customers either Kamikaze Enrei or Kamikaze ISM pro – The latest in car protection from Japan.

From £300

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Enhancement Detail

Ideal for when your car is starting to look a little tired and you want to revive the showroom look. Your car will be deep cleaned inside and out using the finest shampoos and soft wash mitts, followed by a multi stage decontamination from tar, insects, and iron. We then clay bar the paint work and wheels before a two stage machine polish to remove any paint swirls or light scratching, finishing with a coating of the finest carnauba and hybrid waxes. 

From £195

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We offer a full range of valeting services, all depending on your car condition, budget and time demands. From as little as £50 we can shampoo, dry and wax your paintwork, while vacuuming and cleaning the interior. Got a bit more time and budget? We can go to town and deep clean your wheels, de-tar, de-bug and de-iron your paint work. Regardless of the job, your car will always receive the best, professional care and we guarantee you’ll love the result

From £50

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‘Fantastic, I can’t believe it’s the same car’ K Potter, Portsmouth