Track Days & Training

Go Faster with Outrun

We love track days and we love going fast, which is why we’ve teamed up with one of the UK’s most exciting racing drivers to offer you exclusive one to one track day and circuit training.

All the way from a simple half day experience to sharpen your skills to a full course of lessons, leading you up to your race license, Outrun can provide  the car, the track and the instructor.

Our track day fleet includes an exhilarating Lotus Elise 250 Cup, a lightweight, open top Caterham Seven, and a race-spec Megane RS Cup, all fitted with the latest data-logging technology. While not on track, you can even hone your skills virtually with our pit lane racing simulator!

Let Outrun arrange the track, instructor, insurance and transport. All you need to do is turn up!

‘David was amazing, I didn’t think that I could learn that much about car control in one day, I’d highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve their track driving’ K Kapoor, Hounslow

Track Day With Instructor

For drivers who really want to push their limits.  Our professional racing driver will set a fast lap while our in-car VBox Video HD2 records all his inputs for accelerating, braking and cornering G’s.

Then, throughout the course of the day, you’ll be shown how to match that lap, with all of your own inputs logged, analysed and fed back to you at the end of each run.  This analytical, one to one training approach will see improvements in your track driving you could have only have dreamed of!

This day can be split between friends to help spread the cost and add a competitive edge – While not in the car or reviewing your lap, you can try our pit lane racing simulator or enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks

From £990 per day

Company experience

A great reward for hardworking staff, or a great way to entertain clients – Our unique track day experience will once and for all decide who the best driver in the office is!

Designed for up to 10 people, each driver will receive one to one training in our  Lotus Elise 250 Cup- the most powerful production Elise ever built, from our professional racing driver,. Then refine your skills and lap times in our front wheel drive race tuned Megane RS Cup, before jumping back into the Lotus to set your fastest lap. While not driving on track, guests can get in some virtual practice on our pit lane racing simulator!

The whole experience will be captured in full HD so you or your guests can relive the experience back in the office. Complimentary breakfast lunch and drinks provided

From £300 per head.

Race license course

Let us organise and guide you through the whole process of your race licence application, from paperwork, to training, both on and off track. With 16 years experience in turning amateurs to pro drivers, we’re perfectly positioned to help.

The race Licence program includes;
• MSA Application
• Medical Arrangements
• Track Guide 101
• Theory test 101
• Race licence test at a choice of seven tracks
• Career guidance

Get in touch, get qualified and start your racing career today

From as little as £1490 (depending on car, track and time).

Book An Experience

The above experiences (One to one data training, Company experience and Race license course) are available on the following dates. Pick your date and pay a secure deposit to hold, we’ll be in touch to confirm and take payment for the total cost.

Day Date Venue Make a booking
Saturday 10th March Goodwood     
Thursday 22nd March Snetterton    
Monday 26th March Silverstone GP     
Thursday 5th April Thruxton
Wednesday 11th April Silverstone GP
Wednesday 25th April Spa Francorchamps     
Wednesday 25th April Brands Hatch GP     
Friday 4th May Thruxton    
Wednesday 23rd May Silverstone GP
Wednesday 6th June Brands Hatch GP
Thursday 21st June Silverstone GP
Tuesday 10th July Thruxton    
Wednesday 25th July Silverstone GP
Thursday 9th August Silverstone GP     
Tuesday 21st August Donington
Tuesday 4th September Silverstone GP
Tuesday 25th September Brands Hatch
Thursday 17th August Silverstone GP
Monday 22nd October Spa Francorchamps
Tuesday 23rd October Spa Francorchamps
Tuesday 30th October Silverstone GP
Monday 12th November Silverstone GP
Saturday 17th November Goodwood
Sunday 9th December Silverstone GP