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Go Faster with Outrun

We love track days and we love going fast, which is why we’ve teamed up with one of the UK’s most exciting racing drivers to offer you exclusive one to one track day and circuit training.

Outrun Track Days take you to the UK’s greatest race tracks and team you up with a professional racing driver for one-to-one tuition using the latest data and video logging technology. Either solo or part of a team, this is whole new way to experience a day on track

Our corporate track days are for up to 10 drivers, with each driver receiving one to one tuition and a chance to drive an exciting range of cars. Breakfast, Lunch and drinks are included, so it’s the perfect way to entertain a client, build a team or reward employees


For a more personal experience, either solo or with up to three friends, you’ll receive a full day on track with our professional driver, using the data logging tech to teach you how to match his fastest lap. Either in one of our cars or one of your own.


‘David was amazing, I didn’t think that I could learn that much about car control in one day, I’d highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve their track driving’ K Kapoor, Hounslow

Track day with a pro racing driver, in a Lotus Elise S Cup

For drivers who really want to push their limits, we use the same method employed by Formula 1; Our professional racing driver will set a fast lap and log all his movements on the in car VBox Video HD2. Then, throughout the course of the day, you’ll be shown how to match that lap, with all of your own inputs logged, analysed and fed back to you at the end of each run.
This analytical, one to one training approach will see improvements in your track driving you could have only have dreamed of!

From £990 per day. Days can be split with other drivers if you’d prefer. Discounts on multiple booking days.

Renault Megane Track Car

Company experience

A great reward for hardworking staff, or a great way to entertain clients – Our unique track day experience will once and for all decide who the best driver in the office is!
Designed for up to 10 people, climb into the ultimate track day car – The Lotus Elise S Cup- the most powerful production Elise produced, for some expert tuituion from a professional racing driver, refine your skills and lap times in our race prepared Renault Megane Cup, before jumping back into the Lotus to set your fastest lap.
The whole experience will be captured in full HD so you or your guests can relive the experience back in the office!

From £300 per head.

Race license course

Let us organize and guide you through the whole process of your race licence application, from paperwork, to training, both on and off track. With 16 years experience in turning amatuers to pro drivers, we’re perfectly postioned to help.
The race Licence program includes;
MSA Application
Medical Arrangements
Track Guide 101
Theory test 101
Race licence test at a choice of seven tracks
Career guidance

From as little as £1490 (depending on car, track and time).

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